Example Code for Tank level - ESP8266 Arduino firmware (HTTP) GET Data

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to Download AND use this code or any of iotBind Platform services will be at your own risk and iotBind does not incur any consequences of using our services and you Agree with <a href="https://iotbind.com/policy.html" target="_blank" >Service Policy</a>.

This is Example code to make Tank level sensor device (GET data from iotBind platform) for ESP8266 Arduino firmware and connected them with iotBind.com by HTTP API

The basic process to get started arduino consists of the following three steps:
1.Download the Arduino IDE
2.Modify the code according to need of the project and Upload code to the device.

Arduino Documentation

to link the device whith iotBind platform you need:
uid = Device UniqueID
key = Device API secret key
wifi_ssd = your WIFI Name
wifi_pass = your WIFI Password

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